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Flash rayon fabric favored by merchants

Recently, a popular new popular fabric "flash rayon fabric" in China, weaving cloth in the city after a pre-emptive visit, foreign businessmen after another, look like those who are growing, it is soft and feel good, drape, Beautiful appearance, novel style, easy to wash and other unique advantages, much attention by many garment manufacturers. The fabrics are made of nylon filament with 20D / 1F, weft with 30D rayon, 133 * 72 fabric using advanced air-jet loom weaving. After jet and superb dyeing and finishing process, because of human cotton yarn and bright nylon Silk organic combination, so the cotton fabric is good, beautiful color, novel appearance, feel slippery waxy, it can make fashion, suits and so on. Into the upper body, wearing a comfortable and stylish, attractive and attractive. Gray fabric width of 160cm, weighing about 110 grams per gram, the market price of cloth is about 6.00 yuan per meter, the market color to brown, light blue, camel ash, etc. the most popular. According to market operators, it is not only a rising star in jet fabric, but also a hipster thing. This cloth is currently used to make men's and women's blouses, dresses, etc., to the autumn and winter can also be used for casual wear fabrics, the fabric sales have been expanded from domestic sales, the market outlook is expected to sell more flourishing.

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